85% Off Stila – Today Only! HauteLook

Yes, you read the title correctly.
The deal of the day are two Stila palettes which normally go for $65 each.
Are you really going to pass it up for ten bucks?!
Photo from HauteLook
Photo from HauteLook

I had to let you, my friends, in on this heck of a good deal! I’ve used some Stila makeup in the past, but it’s only been recently I’ve been really getting in to high-quality color. While I prefer to keep my face as natural as possible, if there’s a steal of a deal for pretty colors by a what I think is a good company…. I’m going to get it, or at the very least share it with you!

If you do take advantage of this incredible deal, you can use my Invitation Link to access Hautelook and they can track who I send on over. I’m not being compensated for showing you this sale- I just happened to see it and needed to share! 
Photo from HauteLook

First up is the Trendsetting in Tokyo palette.

Each palette contains four eye shadows, and a convertible color for lips and cheeks.
Photo from HauteLook

The details:

Eye Colors .15 oz
Sake- beige with shimmer
Kawai- pink
Shibuya- blue
“Peace Sign”- black
Convertible Color .09
Sakura- cherry blossom pink
Photo from HauteLook

The second palette color is Fabulous in Fiji.

This one also contains four eye shadows, and a convertible color for lips and cheeks.
Photo from HauteLook

Eye Colors .15
R&R- light blue
Palm- green
Escape- blue
Wave- navy blue
Convertible Color .09

So there you have it- an awesome deal on two fabulous color palettes. My personal favorite is the Trendsetter in Tokyo… I’m biased to blacks, pinks and smokey looks!

Make sure to stay tuned…. I’m not only going to be filming and writing reviews for companies that I’ve been using lately, but I’m putting together a surprise giveaway too!

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