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I bring to you not only one of my favorite indie cosmetics company, but also someone I consider a great friend as well. I discovered Moi Minerals just a little over a year ago, and since my first purchase went so smoothly, I stayed in contact with Holly because I was so warmly welcomed. I think the fact that we both live in rather cold climates and the fact that we share many of the same interests are what made us into quick online friends. Moi is based out of (correction! Whoops!) Toronto Nova Scotia, Canada… And I’m based out of the White Mountains of New Hampshire in Northern New England. Montreal is about 3 hours from where I live, if that gives you any clue as to how far up in the Northeastern US I am. We often have similar storm systems, sometimes even the same ones, on the same days… And this past winter was a brutal one.

Aside from cold jetstreams which help my products get delivered by way of the wind blowing the postman the right way faster (ha ha ha!), I quickly fell in love with the makeup I had purchased last spring. Now, as many of you know, I’ve been suffering with back problems. When I received my products, I’d only use them sporadically when I felt like getting out of bed and getting made up. Each time I did, I loved what I’d created. I had done a photoshoot with my friend Feline and The Bebe Doll, which inspired me to start making “artsy” eyes. After making my eye up with some bright shades she had, Bebe then added rhinestones to one and proceeded to take some photographs of my eyes to use in a project. This is where my inspiration “blossomed”. I continued to create “artsy eyes” of my own, I decided I’d start posting looks I did on my personal Facebook page. Once again, I had a great amount of response from family and friends, I decided YouTube would be the next leap. I laugh at it now, but some of my first videos ended up making me look like a violet smurf… I didn’t realize the video setting allowed for a white balance adjustment! Doh! I’m much better at it now.

I used my own collections at first, which was cheapo stuff picked up here and there. After finding a different mineral company (no, not naming names so don’t ask!), I decided I needed to try Moi. Her variety of colors both in her Etsy shop and her website are what caught my eye first. The way she has her listings set up, and showing exactly what’s in the composition is clean and concise. From there, I had such a warm welcome… I decided to make a Fan Page and post my looks there. I used Moi’s products, posted pictures and videos, and continued happily along my way.

Soon enough, I found myself being asked questions by Holly and we’d often talk on Facebook- about what I thought of certain colors, if her ideas would be well received by us, the general public… And before you know it, I was chit-chatting with her often! Business would pick up and get busy, I’d end up busy and distracted in my going-ons, and there were times we wouldn’t have a chance to talk… Though we’ve managed to stay in touch!

So let’s start with the swatch spam I’m about ready to assault your eyes with:

Pricing: Excellent
There are assorted sizes of containers which are available for purchase, and often gift sets are heavily discounted and a total steal for the price!
On Etsy the eye shadows are sold in 5g containers for $5 each
Eye Shadow Collections are sold in multiples, with at least a few dollars off each set
*Foundations are sold in a 30g container for $16
*Bridal Mineral Veil is a finishing powder, available in 20g sifter jar for $12.95
*Foiling and Lining Serum is available in 0.5oz bottle for $5.99
*I have not yet tried these products, but they are available in the Etsy shop.

On Moi’s website, there’s an even more extensive selection of products:
Eye shadows, brushes, lippies, pressed minerals, specialty sets… Take a peek!
Since I’m most familiar with Moi’s eye shadows, I’ll provide the size and price differences here compared to Etsy.

Eye Shadows & Matte Shadows:
5g containers are $5
8g containers are $8
10g containers are $10

Shadow Dazzlers- shadows with shimmer and sparkle, but not glitter! Very reflective and twinkly!!
5g container for $5.99
8g container for $7.49
10g container for $10.99

Customer Service: Excellent
I’ve always had great and fast contact with Holly when I’ve needed to contact her about anything. Typically, I have a response almost immediately- even when I had first “met” her after my purchase. I think the longest she’s ever taken to respond to an inquiry I’ve made was well within 48 hours- so it’s rather reasonable. There was even a few extra samples and goodies in my order that was included, and a “thank you” note. Now, since I received these goodies over a year ago…. I’ve searched high and low for that little note (because I save everything) but I can’t find it.

Shipping: Excellent, considering it’s coming from Canada
Now, this is not a mar against Holly or Moi Minerals.
Unless you live in Canada, shipping may take a while to get to you. Typically, my products have come within 2 weeks. This is not Holly’s fault. Canada has shipping policies which are quite strict- and they can hold product at their discretion when they feel like it. Did you know they can hold it as long as they like as well? And status can’t be checked! Does it happen often? No. Please be aware that if you are in the US or International, shipping just might take a little longer than what you’re used to. Again, please don’t blame Holly for this- it’s not her fault!

Presentation: Excellent
All my products have been well wrapped, secured and undamaged when they’re finally received into my greedy little paws. The thank you notes which have been included are a very nice, personalized addition as well! This is one of the reasons I love dealing with Indie companies- owners take the time to thank us for supporting them. It makes me feel warm and appreciated, and certainly encourages me to drop back to the store and to continue to support them. I’m not just another invoice in the stack who remains nameless and faceless.

Packaging: Excellent
Wrapped in decorative tissue paper or cute cellophane baggies, there’s always a personalized touch with my packages from Moi Minerals! Again, since I’ve purchased the products above over a year ago, I don’t at this time have pictures to illustrate to you how the containers arrived. So I’ll describe it, until I get new stuffs!

Each of my containers has the Moi Logo sticker on the top of the container (with the kissy lips which is adorable and fitting!), and a label sticker on the bottom indicating the color of the shadow, and all ingredients. (keep in mind, you can also refer to the listings online for the ingredients) Now, you’ll see in my pictures that names of the colors are written on the top labels. I did this myself, so I could identify what colors I was selecting without turning my jars upside down and getting minerals stuck on the edge and threads of the container. Newly arrived, they each had a very sticky, small rectangular sticker about 1/4″ x 1/2″ attaching the lid to the container. Interesting? Yes. It’s Moi’s version of a shrink wrapper around the container… Effective! I can tell nobody’s been into my products! Inside, I had sifter seals as well. Score!

Product: Excellent
From the products I’ve already tried from Holly, each has been amazing quality and delivery. Color payoff of all the colors is true to what is shown online, seen in the jars, and presented on skin. They’re definitely more pigmented when worn over primer, but for a softer and more subtle look they can also be worn without primer and still give great color payoff.

Depending on colors chosen, some are very sparkling, some have a lot of twinkle, some are glittery, and some are matte. Most of the pinks I have, shown above, are almost matte shadows- meaning the base is matte, but there’s a beautiful shimmer and sheen to the colors. They’re not completely flat colors, which leads them to be very unique colors! In each description you can see pictures of the shadows, and how they’ll look when worn.

Now before we go any further, you may have noticed that there are eye pictures for some of the listings, and they look like mine. Indeed, they are my eyes which are being used. I will be writing another post shortly here explaining how I work with Holly and her company. We have a symbiotic relationship- she feeds me makeup, I provide pictures for her to use… And we both have fun!

Not really a complaint… That little label that sticks the top to the bottom of the jars together and acts like a wrapper? It’s really… Really, really sticky. I spent quite a while peeling them off! Which is good in a way, because I know they haven’t been tampered with… But… A couple of broken fingernails and lots of Goo-Gone later, I had my shadows open! Yay! I kinda like the plastic shrink wrap version… But it’s sealing my product! So not a big deal… Just very sticky!

Conclusion: Would I recommend Moi Minerals to my family and friends to make purchases?
Absolutely, yes, without a doubt I would. I have already, and will continue to do such.
All products have ingredients identified, (on product or website, though I’m pretty sure the new stickers have all ingredients identified) the few which are not vegan are marked as such, the colors are rich and delightfully long lasting even through the hottest of summer days. My biggest beauty tip is to wash makeup off at night, and moisturize… But even I’m guilty from time to time of just simply forgetting to do this step. Aside from perhaps some smudged eyeliner, Moi’s shadows last… And last… And look freshly applied when I wake up the next morning. These shadows stay where they are put. From the personal interactions I’ve had with Holly herself as a person, she’s passionate and cares very much about what goes into her product(s) and what is offered to her customers.

I look forward to seeing and trying new products which Holly’s almost always formulating and planning. I’m very fortunate and feel lucky to be considered a friend, and consider her as one too!

x0x0x0 ~*Snarky P

*All products shown in this review were purchased by me. I have not been compensated in any way, shape or form for writing this review. All opinions and views expressed in this review are my own and have not been influenced in any positive or negative way*

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2 votes
  • mNg

    I’ll keep Moi Minerals on my list of MMUC to try out :) Love some of the colors you have here!

    • SnarkyPrincess

      I hope the Postal Strike in Canada is over… There’s people waiting on their goodies! Poor Holly can’t send anything yet I don’t think… But as soon as it IS done with, she’s shipping everything on out! :)

      She really has a great selection- and I’ve only shown here what I’ve bought. Since she’s sent me other products free of charge in exchange for doing “eye model” pictures, I’ll show those off too but I wanted this one up first. You should see some of the other colors I have! You’ll die! Well, in a good way of course!

  • Mandy

    What a lovely review you did. It was so thorough and so kind! I love the eye makeup on your eye under the Product review… it’s actually very inspiring to me as something I would like to try my own hand at. Love it & the colors!

    • SnarkyPrincess

      Thank you so much Mandy!

      That was my “Rockin Red Hots” look I did for Anti-Valentines Day! I hate V-Day. LOL
      And the sticker is just a package of 3-D stickers from Wally World that were hearts :)

  • zillah1199 (Deborah Patterson)

    Moi was my first indie mineral purchase – and still some of my favourite shadows! <3

    • SnarkyPrincess

      Do you have Mercy?!
      That’s a MUST have from Moi! :D

      • zillah1199 (Deborah Patterson)

        oh yeah – and diego – her duochromes are amazing!

        • SnarkyPrincess

          Oh my gosh YES! Diego, Cameron, Mercy, Galaxy…. LOVE!!

  • jess

    Mercy looks amazing!

    • SnarkyPrincess

      It’s one of my favorites!!!!!!!!!! If you order any colors from Moi, Mercy has to be included! lol

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  • Jamie Cooper

    I had been eyeing Moi Minerals for a long time now. I got to make my first purchase about a week or so ago. I can’t wait to get them! Dang Canada shipping time haha =) She had an amazing sale and I was able to get 7 or 8 colors!

    • Snarky Princess

      Holly also has some new products coming out soon- so stay tuned!
      Shipping time does kind of stink, but it’s because they hold it at their borders before they pass it to us. You should have it within 2 weeks from the time you order :)