Finally Some Luck?! Winning!!!


I need to take  moment… And *squeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!* my pants.

Ok, as you all know and have been aware… I’ve been seriously lacking in the posting department, as motivation has literally just been slipping through my fingers and I haven’t really been bothered by it. That bothers me. I know it probably doesn’t make much sense said like that. I’ve just been having a very difficult time with my back lately- the pain really has been awful. Not the worst it’s ever been, but enough to make me just completely uninterested in my massive makeup collection. I have so many beautiful colors to play with, and lately… I look at it as a chore to come up with looks. I despise feeling this way, but hopefully after tomorrow’s doctor appointment… I’ll have more relief than I do now. Also, it’s very difficult to put up with chronic pain and not let it get to you- so yes, I’ve also been a bit down in the dumps as well. However- there are those of you who do know what I’m going through and have been a wonderful support system for me. Thank you. I appreciate it far past any words can describe.

I try not to let my general negativity or pain seep its way into my blog, but when I don’t post… You ask questions and wonder if I’m ok. I say “yes” because I am “ok”, but I’m really not. I hide a lot of what’s really happening, because I don’t want to bring anyone else down. I appreciate your concern for me, I really do, but this is my makeup and fun place. Going forward from today, I’m resolving (again) to change this pattern of behavior and break through this bubble I’ve found myself trapped within.

It started with some great news which I totally blanked about posting. One of my friends, Candace of Cinnamon Candies had hosted a “First Annual Beauty Blogs Contest” not too long ago. Basically, readers emailed in who they thought were the best beauty bloggers for different categories. I didn’t submit one, my rather pathetic excuse is that time just flew by me and I forgot. Just call me Dory- like from Finding Nemo… I have her memory span these days. Not kidding! Well, after the submission time had ended, it was time to vote… So I headed on over to check out who was nominated and to cast my votes for each category. Imagine my complete shock and surprise when I found my name in one of the categories! Here I am, my fairly new blog up with some of the popular, larger, and better known authors in the blogosphere. The answer is no- I did not vote for myself. I’m honored that I was even nominated!
I did end up winning the category I was in for “Best EOTD/FOTD Blog“, and it definitely made my day last week finding that out!

My Congratulations go out to the other winners as well, so check ‘em out:
Best Overall Beauty Blog : Blix from Glitter Is My Crack
Best Indie Makeup Company :  Fyrinnae
Best Swatches : Anastasia from Lipstick & Lightsabers
Best Reviews : Courtney aka Phyrra

 A huge Thank You to the sponsors as well:
Susan from Darling Girl Cosmetics
Tina from Dark Heart Designs
Andrea from Evil Shades 


Next up would be something I’m really wicked excited for. Yep, there goes the North Eastern lingo we Yanks tend to have- when “Wicked” is a term used to describe something you’re very excited about. Haha! Just wait until you see some of my tutorials after this weekend- I’m going to be talking like I never left Boston! Why?! Family reunion, that’s why!! I’ll be telling people to pahhhk the cahhh ovah they-ah, and get me a quah-tah for a soda. Yes, I pick up my native accent quite quickly when surrounded by my zany family. Yay! Ok, back on track here because like I said, I’m Dory…

I have just recently found a new scents and balms shop which I can say I absolutely adore right now. I foresee a long-term relationship status with The Morbid The Merrier, as I’m not a typical girl who likes typical scents. Florals don’t always work on me (except a select few) and I’m not a fan of old lady smelly things. And everyone assumes if you don’t like those, well, you like fruits. WRONG. Imagine my delight when I browsed through the shop seeing scents which contain bergamot, anise, orange, amber, leather, woods, musk, patchouli, smoke. Yep, immediate hypnosis. I like darker scents- but don’t take that as necessarily heavy lingering perfumes that hang around and make it difficult to breathe. No no, my friends, not the case at all. I do have a review coming up on the scents I did pick out myself, but this is about the Halloween Contest I had entered hosted by TMTM. I received a comment in The Rat Pack that I had been selected as the winner… What?! This much good news surely couldn’t be happening in this amount of time!

Sure enough, that’s my name! I’m really excited about this win, because I am honestly eager to try more scents from Lysa’s shop. A tidbit of advice, if you will… My two favorites at the moment are Dessert Absinthe and Natali. Dessert Absinthe has top notes of anise and sugar, but softens into a citrus-cupcake smell on me. It’s decadent, and I’ve worn the perfume oil nearly every day for the past week. Natali is a gem  as well, considering it’s chocolate-orange scented solid perfume. Not only is it a true chocolate scent which also captures the orange without being overpowering, it also makes me want to gnaw my arm off… It smells that good. I’m settling for picking up a real chocolate orange at the grocery store tomorrow.


Last, but certainly not least… I received an email from YouTube today stating I’ve become eligible to run ads on my tutorials. That means what? I can start earning pennies (hopefully more than that!) for my tutorials I currently have up! I went through the process they made me do to make it legit, the TOS and agreement stuff… And less than a half hour later- BAM! Approved! Yay! So, with this being added on top of everything… It’s the cherry on top of my chocolate orange! HA HA HA!!

This is certainly motivation to get back on track creating looks, making tutorials, and being more visible within the YouTube community. There’s a few of my videos I’m not sure how to mark yet, since iMovie has jingles and tunes already built in for editing purposes. I don’t know if that’s copyright infringement? I guess I’ll just need to spend some time tomorrow and figure out what vids I can mark as ok to put ads on. Seriously- I’m having a happy-gasm right now!

Otherwise, I’m a bit irritated that it’s almost 4:15 am EST and I’m not asleep. I’ve even taken my meds… It must be the sheer excitement I have flowing through my veins. I can tell you though, I’m dying to jump into my Rock Hard, Play Harder collection I just received from Holly’s company M.O.I. Minerals! The colors- you’re gonna flip! And Sugarpill is on my list too… In fact, nearly all the companies I’ve accrued into my little storage boxes will be making their way somehow into tutorials soon. At least one a week, two if I’m really motivated and feeling up to getting that much done. Seriously- even just climbing our stairs wears me out and puts me into nap-mode. I detest it. Squick.

Anywho- I just needed to share my elation with everyone!

I’m going to attempt to try and sleep now… And nails will be posted later today! I still haven’t done them yet.

x0x0x0 ~*Snarky P

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  • Stephanie Lafitte

    I am so happy for you Amanda! If anyone deserves kudos for their hard work, it is you! Your makeup looks were the first ones I ever watched on YouTube and I am looking forward to seeing more! Best of luck to you and again, Congratulations!!! :excited:

    • SnarkyPrincess

      @Stephanie Lafitte
      Thank you so much Stephanie!!
      I feel awful that I haven’t done videos in ages… So this was the proverbial kick in the rear I needed lol

  • eRiN

    So if I go and watch your videos that have ads do you make money, or only if I click on the ads? :angel:

    • SnarkyPrincess

      That’s the part I’m not sure about and have to read up on… LOL
      I’m not switching anything over until I know for sure :)

  • Opalline Star

    Hey, just wanted to say hang in there with the back, I have chronic neck pain and yeah it really can get overwhelming and sap your motivation to do the things you normally love. Glad you’re hopefully getting your mojo back, though… you’re one of the reasons I’ve branched out and bought some bright coloured eye shadows and now I’m staring at them going o.0 what am I gonna do with them now! LOL

    • SnarkyPrincess

      Thank you so much for your kind words Opalline- they really do mean a lot. :)
      To start, bright colors look *awesome* as eyeliners! Or on your lower lid/waterline for a pop of unexpected color!! I’ve got a few beeee-right looks coming up…. So hopefully I can inspire you :D

  • SilhouetteScreams

    *hugs* Congrats bb! You definitely deserve all this good luck coming your way :D

  • MissMidnightBlue

    wow! congrats to everything! :) It so sucks about your back though :( I hope you get to feeling better soon. *hugs*

    • SnarkyPrincess

      Thank you Miss Midnight Blue! I take each day as it comes, and am always thankful that I’m not worse off than I am. The nerve blocks have helped, but the spasm still hasn’t eased- it’s progress though! :)

  • Robyn

    Did you totally squee when you saw your name is Lysa’s handwriting? She has the best writing in the world.

    In other news, you deserve to win All the Things :D

    • SnarkyPrincess

      Yes yes yes!!! I want her handwriting!

      And yes- I LOVE nail decals! *squeeee!*

  • Sharron Elizabeth Darnell

    I recently received my first order from TMTM. I ordered sugar scrub & body lotion in X is for Xerxes, which smelled so amazingly AWESOME, that I immediately ran to the computer and ordered the perfume oil. I also bought a solid perfume in Natali, which I’m going to need backups of, because I love it so much that I’ve been wearing it every day. It smells especially wonderful layered over the X is for Xerxes bath products. :)

    • Snarky Princess

      Oh gosh Sharron- I’m gonna have to try that! I have Natali, and I have to remind myself not to gnaw on my arm because it smells *soooo* good!!! I’m gonna have to try X is for Xerxes- I’m completely obsessed with TMTM. Yes I am!