Dare to Wear Challenge – Week 2 Breast Cancer Awareness


It’s already week 2 for the Dare to Wear challenge I’m holding to raise awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness. I put it to you readers to submit looks, or just one, each week.

I was hoping for a few more entries, although I have to admit- these three ladies this week are beautiful! Thank you girls! Without further ado, here are the submissions this week:


Maya's Soft Pinks

Maya pulls off pastel shades of pink flawlessly! Soft, shimmery and simple is really quite beautiful- isn’t it?

Anne's Pretty Pinks

Anne is lovely in gradients of pink for her look- and that lip color is fantastic! I also encourage you to swing by her blog and take a looksee!

Helen's Bright Pinks


Last, but certainly not least, Helen from Faeries Stole my Lipstick submitted a hot little eye look- because who doesn’t love bright pinks?! If you have a moment and feel like checking out some awesome looks, I highly recommend you swing by her blog as well to check it out!! (I’m so sorry I said you were from Silhouette Screams Helen! DOH!)

Remember- if you’d like to submit a look, it’s simple! Your eyes can have any color at all, but there must be a pink shade used somewhere- eyes or lips. Email me at least one picture, a maximum of three, (or create a collage at picnik.com) to info[at]snarky-princess[dot]com.

This coming Sunday, October 23rd the third post will go up!

Thank you to anyone who enters. And as I said before, there might just be a special something for a randomly picked entrant at the end of October/beginning of November if you choose to participate! A maximum of 7 looks per week, and each one counts as an entry!

Play with your Boobies!

x0x0x0 ~*Snarky P

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  • http://eyelinerandspraypaint.blogspot.com Robyn

    Great looks, ladies!

  • http://acidwash06.blogspot.com/ Sandra

    When will you put up the third post? I sent you a look, hope you received it :D xo

    • SnarkyPrincess

      I am so behind this week… I’m aiming to have them up tomorrow! :)

  • Lynda

    Helen isn’t from Silhouette Screams…..

    • http://snarky-princess.com Snarky Princess

      Oh gosh… This is what I get for editing at 2am… Gonna fix it! Thank you for telling me! Now I feel like an idiot…