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Jumping back into the swing of blogging this new year, I’m starting things off with a bang, so to speak… Me and flammable materials? Not exactly a good idea!! No explosives or fireworks here, (for safety reasons of course!) the hot items I’m talking about happens in my makeup stash. Today I have for you The Frostbite Collection from Rockeresque to make googly eyes at.

One of the first things you’ll notice above is the fact the collection comes not only in an adorable snowflake box, but it comes with a handmade snowflake ring to complete the look too. At first glance, it may seem a bit pricey to pay $25 to get this into your paws and on your lids (and/or arm)… But hey now, there’s reasons you’ll want to pick this one up. For instance- you’ll be happy at the fact you’re supporting American Business Owners- and not just one company here, but two. An artist collaboration with Rockeresque yields these snowflake rings included in the set, and don’t you just have to have one!? Tucked inside is an exclusive coupon for customers who purchase this set, a 20% off coupon for your next purchase. So see- you’re saving money! (since it really doesn’t matter how much you spend, right?! Right?!) Additionally, this company is 100% Cruelty-Free and Vegan- in case you’re into keeping our furry friends best interests in mind.

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Now you’ve probably noticed that pretty little bauble is missing from my package… Well, not missing. Issanna was kind enough to send along The Frostbite Collection for me to review and play with, and understandably the artist who makes the rings wants them going to paying customers.  I’m not upset at this at all!! (Keep in mind I also make jewelry, and for me to send pieces to people to “review”, especially some of which a lot of time and money are invested in, it’s just not cost effective and money ends up being lost instead of made. People would end up with some cool jewelry though… But that’s beside the point.) Instead of the ring, an extra shadow was included in my little package… While these products were in fact sent to me free of charge, I am reviewing them in the same honest and unbiased way I do with the cosmetics I purchase and review. So now with the disclaimer out of the way, let’s get on with the swatch spam, shall we?

From the time Issanna contacted me about doing a review of this particular collection, I was a bit hooked. I joined the Rockeresque Members Club back when the company launched in May 2011, and with my card I got a couple samples of color… Oops, just realized I still haven’t swatched or worn those!… I don’t very often wear blues on my eyes, but there are some colors and companies I’ll make exceptions for. The two blues in this collection promised to be some very unique hues, based upon the pictures and swatches I had seen on the website. There are quite a few “favorites” stored away for Birthday Gift Ideas next month getting handed to my family, but that’s a different topic. I digress- again! I think I had my package two or three days from the time I finally was able to get Issanna my address. Yes, the package shipped very quickly and arrived undamaged. (Since our Post Office changeover baloney, some packages have been quite banged up. Somehow- this one escaped unharmed, unscathed, in one piece and undented, and for that… I’m happy.)

All the colors have been swatched over My Beauty Addiction’s Shadow-Poxy eye primer on the top or left half depending on the orientation of the picture. In vertical snaps, the top half is primed; horizontal snaps, it’s the left. The bottom or right side of the snaps are the colors applied without primer to illustrate intensity, sheerness, and coverage without a base.

Frostbite: A deep, navy blue with aquamarine sparks and a slight shimmer. This shadow applies best and most vibrant over primer, but it’s not required. If blended out considerably, it turns from a slightly shimmery shadow to a pretty neat matte navy. The shimmer and sparkle is just barely in there- it’s not a glittery end product, but it doesn’t skimp on the pearlized sheen. If blended out and then darkened back up for coverage purposes, you’ll have that beautiful blue pulling the sparks out pretty vibrantly.

Icicle: Wintry, frozen, and with a touch of arctic blue this shadow is definitely wintry. Perfect to use as a highlighter, or to compliment it’s darker counterpart Frostbite. Or change the look completely and mix the two shadows together! This shadow is shimmery, pearlized, and has just enough glitz to be dazzling without overpowering your eyes with sparkle.

Little Lamb: A very pretty, semi-matte teal with more green hints than blue. This color can also be blended out to create a gorgeous sheer wash of teal, or apply it over primer for that grab-you-immediately intensity. Green and light blue sparks/shimmer in this shade make it one of the very unique teals I now have in my makeup stash.


Pricing: Great

Minnie’s are $7 – There are 5 sample sizes, delivered to you in a polka-dotted box. Packaged in baggies, labeled with ingredients and names, with about half a gram of colored goodness inside, and a cool Rockeresque button! You can’t select individual shades, but there are 5 different color combinations you can choose from based upon color schemes. While it may seem a bit odd not allowing customers to choose individual shades they want to sample- it’s convenient because of the fact you know the colors will compliment each other. Plus, having the samples already compiled most likely saves on shipping time… Which means you get your fix faster!

Loose Shadows are sold in 5g pots fpr $6, with approximately 1.2g of product inside. These will vary slightly due to the consistency of shadows and what they’re formulated with, but it shouldn’t really be visibly different from shade to shade and jar to jar. These containers do not have false bottoms, and are literally packed to the brim of the sifter with colored shadows. You can also take advantage of their Buy 5, Get 1 Free deal as well- any color combination you choose!

Kits/Collections are also available in limited quantity. For instance you can purchase Rockeresque’s Full Collection of 29 Colors for $165, which makes it $5.68 per colors individually. (currently sold out)

Finally, there’s a special Holiday Section on the website where you can find seasonal goodies year-round! For the Fashionista in you, there’s also a cool collection of accessories to compliment your wardrobe- including charm bracelets, hair bows and clips, ornaments, stickers, Rockeresque Logo Necklaces (in either a lighting bolt or heart-bolt shapes!) and more! Added brownie points- shipping is a flat $5 USD.

Customer Service: Excellent

Throughout the entire process of chit-chatting and getting to know Issanna, she’s been helpful, friendly, and available to get ahold of fairly easily. However, since I really had no issues, I haven’t really needed to consult her about shipping, tracking, or the products themselves. In the future, I feel comfortable in assuming if I have any issues or concerns, I’ll be able to go to her and not have to worry about having to track her down to get a resolution.

Presentation: Excellent

To include this collection in a cute snowflake box is just another bonus point for the well branded and unique company. The fact that the jars came heat-sealed with wrappers and also had the sifter seal in place shows me there’s a very low chance of contamination occurring in products. The lavender and black tissue packaging was a little extra touch, and one that I was happy to find inside! The company logo stickers were also a nice treat tucked in there.

Packaging: Excellent

None of my items were damaged in any way- especially considering lately all the problems and issues I’ve had with the Postal Service as of late. The box the collection was shipped to me in arrived with normal wear and tear from going across country, but otherwise- just fine. As I stated above, nothing was damaged.
The shadow jars are clearly marked with labels- top and bottom. If you’re like me, and like to sort colors by company and then chromatically, you’ll have no issues in finding just about where your shadows in your collection are. The Rockeresque Logo on the tops of the jars are clear and easy to read, and when you turn the jar up-side-down, you’ll find a clear and readable list of ingredients, the name of the shadow, whether or not it’s lip-safe, and the company website and actual address. In case there’s any worry, each listing online also has the full ingredient’s list for reference of each shade as well.

Product: Great

Each of the three shades I’ve played with have certainly been fun. There’s great color payoff, especially with Little Lamb (I seriously love that teal!), but they’re definitely more vibrant when applied over primer. You can get a nice, sheer wash of color without it, but if you like bold like me… Primer and/or a base is the way to go. The colors build up nicely, blend effortlessly, and don’t muddy when blended out.  They are quite unique when blended, because the colors do tend to look more matte than they do when first applied. You’ll get more of a navy blue pull from Frostbite when it’s blended out, applied without blending you’ll pick up the color nuance with aquamarine and a slight touch of green. Icicle looks white when blended out, but is a definite blue-tinted shade when applied without blending, and the sparkle factor is a lot more evident. Little Lamb pulls a touch more green  and more on the matte side when it’s well blended, but applied as it is or built up- the color play between the pearlized blue and green shades it creates it is stunning. I didn’t find any patchy application, even though it may appear to look as though it may have been in the swatched picture of Little Lamb. It’s just the way my camera had photographed the color for some reason. All three applied evenly and stayed on for 8+ hours with only slight fading and no creasing. As far as shadows and staying power goes, that’s really good in my book.


Honestly, I haven’t found issue with any of these products currently. Perhaps I’d like to see Frostbite have a bit more sparkle to it, like Icicle. That problem is solved if they’re layered or mixed though! If I really want to get picky, I’d say the fact that the stickers are not cut symmetrically bothers me… But it’s simply my personal and quirky preference. A funny one at that! I like symmetry.

Conclusion: Would I recommend Rockeresque to my family and friends to make purchases?

Yes, I would.

This small collection and the freebie extra (in lieu of the snowflake ring) for me to try has only confirmed for me the high quality of these cosmetics. While Icicle and Frostbite don’t at first glance seem like terrifically glamorous, glitzy colors- what they make up for without zazzle is made up for in the quality and consistency of the finished product. For $6 a pop, it’s not a bad price point to purchase shadows from at all, and with the slightly discounted kits/collections available, there’s certain to be something in there for that hard-to-find person or even yourself. The durability and wearability of these shades really impressed me, as well as the “chameleon effect” they seem to have- going from a pearlized and slightly shimmery shadow to nearly matte colors is one of the things I personally prefer and often find as a welcome surprise. Another plus would be the fact that even though these colors, especially Little Lamb, is so saturated and well pigmented, it doesn’t stay stuck by way of staining on your skin. It’s a win-win on both fronts.

Issanna to me has been very friendly, extremely accommodating, and a great pleasure to deal with. In regards to the business end of things, I look forward to adding colors to my collection from this company in the future.

x0x0x0 ~*Snarky P

~*These products were provided to me free of charge for review and usage purposes. I have not in any way been compensated for  what has turned out as a positive overall review of this company, seeing as my first and foremost goal is to provide honest feedback about items to my readers. If there is anything here I didn’t mention or you would like more feedback in regards to any part or portion of this review, feel free to ask away!*~

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  • skelly rock

    oooohhhh, good and bad, good because now I want, bad cos….well now i want heehee!! great review, love your blog :D

    • Snarky Princess

      Thank you so much Skelly :)
      These colors seriously rock!!

  • Lady Bethezda

    Thanks for sharing this. I’ve been contemplating making an order here.

    • Snarky Princess

      No problem! :)
      There are so many fun colors in Rockeresque’s collection, I don’t know where to start myself!

  • Robyn

    Oooh, thanks for all the info, been thinking of checking these guys out for a while! Its nice that the ring is from another indie seller too. You need to do a look with these because I love blues on you.

    • Snarky Princess

      I will Robyn, just for you ;)
      These blues really rock quite awesomely!!! And Little Lamb… HOLY F*&@ it’s amazeballs!

  • Olgie

    Stunning colours!

    • Snarky Princess

      Indeed- I can’t wait to add more to my collection!