NOTD Mint Apple & Stars Konadicure / Bundle Monster Manicure


I figured it was about time I “got my nails did”.
Honestly, I love doing my nails. But, I’ve been severely lax lately with keeping them painted and/or stamped, even though it’s one of my favorite things to do. I’ve just been rather “meh” with anything makeup or beauty lately, and trying to work on it so I have pictures and stuff to update here. Sooooo- wandering through Target the other day, I saw this color and had to have it. There’s something about teal, turquoise and blue shades lately that’s just like a magnet to me. It calls, sings, howls and begs me to pick them up, admire, and then procure. Thankfully, this one was only $1.99. Win!

For one, I didn’t think this shade would look good on me. Some colors work, some don’t, and some I absolutely love but cannot wear. Fortunately- this was a terrific surprise, because I love the way it shimmers on my nails! This polish could work pretty well as a one coat wonder, but I like how opaque it looks with 2 coats. Plus- there’s a slight silver and aqua shimmer to the polish which really presents itself in sunlight beautifully.

Seche Vite Strengthening Matte Nail Treatment
Orly Bonder Rubberized Base Coat
2 Coats Sinful Colors Mint Apple
1 Coat Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat
Monster Bundle Plate BM21 – Stars & Swirls
Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Polish in 02 Winterland White to stamp design
1 Coat Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat

All in all, I think I’m totally ready for Spring to come now. This kind of a color really evokes it for me… I can’t wait for sandals and barefoot weather now!  :flower:

Do you have this polish? If not, would you wear something similar?

x0x0x0 ~*Snarky P

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1 vote
  • Lady Bethezda

    Man I am loving the Mint Apple. I went to Walgreens the other day to pick it up and they were out. :( Great stamping!!!

    • Snarky Princess

      Oh that STINKS!
      And thank you! I need to get MA back on my nails… I’m feeling springish!

  • Veganmakeupjunkie

    I LOVE that stamp! I actually completely forgot about it, thanks for reminding me! hah

    • Snarky Princess

      You’re welcome! It’s one of the great ones for either long or short nails!!

  • Ryou

    That does scream spring. :

    • Snarky Princess

      Bald spots from the stamping?
      Uuumm…. I’d say drag your stamper across a fine nail file a few times to scuff it up, and then clean it off with acetone. I also use an old gift card to “scrape” the extra polish off the plate- I don’t use the metal one that comes with it because I hate the scratches it leaves on the plates.
      As far as stamping, I usually roll my nail across the stamper, instead of trying to stamp the image onto my nail… That seems to help :D

      • Ryou

        Using an old gift card is a good idea. For some reason nail polish just doesn’t like sticking to my stamper well, so I often end up with some polish left on the plate and not enough on the stamper itself, hence the bald spots. >.<

        • Snarky Princess

          That stinks :(