Reason #598372146 To NOT…


Laugh, cough or sneeze whilst around loose eyeshadow. This is my beautiful youngest sister, aka The Glamazon.

Yes, it may seem like a good idea to hold a container of powdered shadow when working on someone- but let me assure you, it’s not the wisest decision you could make. Why? Because of this. If your subject eliminates air from either their nose or mouth- even if it’s by accident- you’re going to have a LOT of shadow in places you did not intend them to be.

When working with loose shadows in containers, it’s best to make sure it’s on a table or flat surface and not near the edge- don’t want to drop it or knock it over! Dip your brush in, tap off, and paint away on your subject. Lesson learned, right?! When working with pressed shadows or palettes, it’s personal preference as to whether you want to hold on to it or leave it on a table/counter. Just make sure you don’t drop it- even pressed shadows will shatter and make a mess if dropped from too high!

They can be re-pressed easily though…

  • Crush the color in its pan with a tool- like the end of a brush handle or the handle of a fork/spoon/knife. Make sure the majority of the color is powdered- it’s ok if there are a few larger clumps, but the majority of it should be crushed.
  • Add a few drops of rubbing alcohol to moisten the mixture. You don’t want it too wet and “soupy”, but too dry and the color will not press back into it’s original state. Take a toothpick and mix the color and alcohol together to make a wet paste that just comes together. It may crumble a bit- and that’s ok. It’s perfect consistency if the mixture is damp, but not soaked, some of it sticks to itself, and some falls away.
  • Grab a coin that matches the size of the pan to press. (If you have a rectangular pan, you can use a tile or buy a Press) Wrap it in either a tissue, paper towel or a piece of fabric (different ones have different patterns which will leave interesting hatch marks!) and press firmly into the pan to pack the shadow down. You know it’s good when the color is tamped down and evenly distributed in the pan. Don’t press it too tightly- otherwise when you go to use your shadow later, it’s going to be a bit difficult to get good color payoff because you’ll have to keep trying to pull the color up from the pan with your brush and layer to get the coverage you want to achieve.
  • Wait a few hours for the alcohol to evaporate and to make sure the shadow is completely dry before using it! And there it is- easy fix! You can use this technique for eye shadows, blushes, bronzers, etc. Just make sure you have an object big enough to press your product with!

What are your funny spillage or puffback stories?

x0x0x0 ~*Snarky P

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  • Mandy

    LOL the picture is priceless. I never hold my loose eyeshadows when using them, but even then I somehow manage to spill them by being clumsy in general

    • Snarky Princess

      As soon as I saw this from her friend, I told her it was going up here- I’m such a mean sister!
      I’ve spilled a few of my own, but nothing that couldn’t be picked up luckily!

  • Socialitedreams

    lmao! that photo is awesome

    • Snarky Princess

      Thank you! My sis is such a good sport!!

  • Ryou

    I will definitely keep that in mind. Thank you for sharing, that picture made my day. <3

    • Snarky Princess

      Awesome! Mission Accomplished!