Beautylish Feature – Old News, But Still News!


I was very pleasantly surprised the week before last that I had another inquiry from a Beautylish team member, inquiring as to whether I had an unwatermarked picture of my mouth. Yep, that’s right. Mah lips.

Now, I had been featured not too long ago (which I blanked about posting of course… Derp!) in putting together a monochrome look- I had done all pinks in support of Breast Cancer. One of my photos was used for that article, and I figured then was as good a time as any to upload some of the loads of pictures I have sitting around in various folders on three computers. Imagine my surprise when my lips were requested!

Sure, I’m more into “eye art”, but I don’t neglect my lips by any stretch of the imagination. I just don’t art them up the same way I do my eyes often enough. Lately, I’ve seen lip art picking up- so I think it’s safe to say I’ll be going to pay more attention to my pout.

Now, these mineral shadows I’ve used in my pictures are from a company I no longer support. I won’t name them, but if you do some searching on my blog you’ll certainly figure out what name the company had gone by. Lucky for me, I’ve collected quite a few different gorgeous colors from well deserving, honest indie companies that are gonna get some lip lovin’ from me.

I think I was most excited that not only were my lips on the front page of Beautylish, but the fact that I have braces and it was still used in Power Pouts is awesome!! There are far too many girls, and boys, who are shy to smile when they have orthodontic work done. They try to hide their grins, even though it’s those appliances specifically which will give them a terrific smile by the time treatment is over.

Here’s to the girls and boys who wear braces- don’t be ashamed of them! Just make sure you brush after you eat so there’s no broccoli stuck in the brackets lol And watch out after applying lipstick- make sure your brackets don’t get covered in your color!

The other two ladies have some amazing lip talent too, don’t you think?

x0x0x0 ~*Snarky P 

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1 vote
  • Mandy

    You lips look beautiful! Belated congratulations on being featured :-D

    • Snarky Princess

      Thank you Mandy!! I was totally surprised! I didn’t think I’d make it to front page, just an article :D

  • Olgie

    I think it’s awesome that they’ve featured you and your braces are visible. Totally cool!

    • Snarky Princess

      Thanks Olgie!
      I’m pretty psyched… Hopefully more people with braces will smile more often :)

  • Barbara Dearaujo

    yours are the best

    • Snarky Princess

      Thank you Barbara :)