Rant – Glostix… It’s Not Nice To Lie


edit/ 5-17-12

After being sporadically online after the last few days since publishing this, I thought it an appropriate time to update this post to say simply that Glostix/Bekka has apologized to me for making an unclear statement. Originally, it came across to me that she was accusing me of trying to backdoor/hack her blog. After others have read both her original post and mine, the same conclusion was drawn- it was simply a strikingly similar faux pas that I made a few months back in making a comment that was interpreted a different way than was intended. Additionally, I’ve also seen her correct those who have jumped on the “She’s a Bully!” bandwagon, and am quite pleasantly surprised Bekka’s told them to chill out and back off. I wouldn’t go so far as to say “we’re cool”, but the apology has been made and I’m hoping this is a truce of some sort. What offense I committed in order to be banned from her site, I do not know, but whatever it is… Bekka, you have my sincere apology for whatever it was I did.

I am not jumping onto the bandwagon I’ve seen on other social media sites pretty much making “snarky”, rude, and just plain crass comments about me, my post, and people I interact with. I have chosen to not engage mostly because my time is better spent elsewhere and on more important things. My only regret in all this is I’ve lost some people I’ve thought were friends or even acquaintances. All in all, the chips fall where they may… Life goes on.

~*Snarky P


I know this will reach you in about 5 milliseconds from when certain people read this post. Well, provided they actually still “check up” on me and my postings, which in case many of you have probably noticed… Are not frequent as of the past two months.

I don’t tolerate any sort of bullshit on in my personal or online life or my blogs. I don’t like lies, or liars. I don’t tolerate drama or gossip. This is especially relevant when it comes to my credibility or reputation being brought into the equation. Do this, and yes… You’re poking the proverbial sleeping bear that will no doubt wake up and not be too happy to see you standing there with the stick and will love nothing more than to devour your arm and the blasted stick.

As for the topic of discussion which I intend to immediately address:

Yes you’ll note, I’ve been not only blocked from accessing Miss Bekka’s blog, but also accused of trying to “hack” into her admin panel. We’ll get to that second matter in just a moment here. Bekka, this post is partly directed at you, and more generally to others. Honestly- I never thought you’d turn on me the way you have. As far as I knew, months back when I apologized and made good with you about a certain posted comment which was written and taken the wrong way- I immediately apologized to you and also the others who were offended unintentionally. Silly, seemingly, because *nobody* contacted me in any way, shape or form in regards to said comment. I personally was offended at what you did- posting it without coming to me first and addressing it like an adult would by talking about it. Did I blow up at you? No. I kept apologizing.

The picture: I think I’ll make you all wonder. Perhaps it’s a concerned friend that gave me a heads up because they know this is a complete fabrication. Or maybe it’s my IT Geek background and I just might know roundabout ways to “see” what I’ve been blocked from. Maybe it’s the ever so elusive anonymous screencapper, or multiples (oh my!), that seem to plague a group that up until this point I have made no mention publicly that I’ve been blackballed from. Of course, I’d be more inclined to use kinder language had I not been treated in the cruel, mean, and completely middle-school-drama-mongering way that things went down.

For public knowledge now, it’s not only me that’s been treated in this disgusting and immature way. All of those named in the screenshot above, and a few other bloggers as well, have been attacked by multiple people of a certain uncouth and really, really immature childish gang- a word which I use because it best describes the mobbing mentality they share, egged on by the few ringleaders of the drama circus, and sneaky ways in which they harass people but always make it out to sound like they’re the actual victims in the big scheme of things. Should any of those less than kind characters feel it necessary to leave comments below which I do not like, but do sadly expect will appear- I will simply say think about your actions before you commit them and what consequences they may have. To clarify, no, that is not a threat.

I have more or less been silent while I’ve gone through this- but there comes that inevitable point where one decides it’s enough. I’ve had enough with what’s been directed at me. I’ve had enough of seeing the cruel and hurtful attacks being launched upon close friends of mine who have also stayed quiet, ignored, and in their own ways let this crap die out. Before it can, there are always more comments, mud slinging, name calling, and utterly stupid and idiotic comments being made about the families of these people as well. Really?! You’re going to bring children in to this? How brilliant- makes you look very intelligent and quite an upstanding citizen dragging people through the mud, making up lies, and attacking children to make your miserable and disgusting selves feel better. Cowards. I can only hope one day you’ll wake up, look in the mirror, and realize what an utter monster you’re being to people. Those who proclaim I am one of the parties who are “not letting shit die” you are the ones who are lying to yourselves. Up until this point, my readers, you have heard me utter nothing publicly.

Have I been the one pointing fingers, screaming foul, asking and begging for help? Have I been whining, crying, making up stories to keep my name out there? Have I openly slandered bloggers, companies, or owners lately I don’t purchase from anymore because of bullying behavior I’ve encountered and suffered through?
The answer for all is a big fat resounding no.
I’ve been having issues lately I don’t care to discuss, a wedding to plan, moving to my new home, and needing to get things done around the house. It takes up a lot of my time, and I haven’t been online much at all except to check up maybe once or twice a day. My blogs? Hahaha… They’ve been the suffering party in all this- updates are rare. Check the archives list if you don’t believe me.

Now to address the absurd and outlandish lie of being one of the people attempting to hack into Glostix/Bekka’s blog.

Bekka: I don’t have the time, nor actually care enough, to try and hack your blog. I have a few of my own, I’m perfectly happy about penning them myself and have no need to use yours as a platform for anything insidious as you so graciously insist. My writing style is unique, and easily identifiable- don’t you agree? Do not delude yourself into illusions of grandeur that I, Snarky Princess, would want or have the motivation to break in to your blog and start writing my cold little heart out. Or anyone else’s for that matter- I don’t need to. I don’t want to. I’m not that type of sneaky, evil, psychopathic person who would ever do such a childish and petty thing. I have much bigger and better things on my plate at this time to work on and get done than worrying about your blog- which honestly, I haven’t checked in quite some time. Why? To be the brutally honest person I am- your blog just really isn’t something I find intriguing to read, or resourceful nor informational to me.

As such, because of this, I would like an apology and the post corrected to remove any and all those whom you are falsely accusing of taking these actions. Perhaps you’d be better off looking up and/or matching the information of those who you consider “friends”, because at one point… I thought they were mine too. So did others. And now we’re all being “glittermobbed”, harassed, threatened, bullied and belittled with such bullshit lies they’re not even making it to the public venues as many I’m sure are dying to see. This is the reason I believe the drama keeps rearing its ugly head- it’s not making it to the Prime Time News Channel in Blogger Land that you’d like to see, or all out Facebook Wars with nasty comments being left. Nope- the attacks have gone on unanswered mostly because we don’t want to keep it perpetuating. So trying to blame me, or some of the others, of “keeping shit going and not letting it die” is laughable and pathetic.

Why? It’s because we’re called adults and act as such in most situations. It’s a fault in all of us, we are of course human…. And some people can only take so much before they break down and rant, or make an offhand comment. If this is the grand plan, to attempt to do it to me, it better cease and desist. It will not work- no matter how hard you try, you will not break me down.

If after all this time it’s still a war you want, I think it would suffice to say it’s a dangerous situation you’re asking for. I’m not, nor have been, the only target. I’m tired of the lies. I’m tired of the backstabbing. I’m tired of the deceit. I’m tired of the ringleaders and the minions doing the mobbing. I’m tired of the bullying. I’m not even going to get into the other issues in the screencap, because there are so many different sides to that story- and honestly, people will believe what they will. At this time, I will not share or make any comments in regards to the business aspect of what is “going on” with the named company. The owner knows my stance, and that’s all that matters.

I’ve had enough. Stop it. Just stop it all.
You go on with your lives, I’ll go on with mine. Others with theirs. Just leave people alone and go about your business without spreading vicious lies.

Grow up. Go to bed. Get up on the other side in the morning and make it a good day.
Be nice, even to those whom you don’t like. Behaving professionally and in an adult manner, even with people you don’t care for, will gain you many more points in the public’s eye than bearing down and getting catty and down into the depths of the ugly gutters with them.

I’m sorry to those who aren’t part of this who will, inevitably read this and think “What the hell is going on?!”. That, my friends, is nothing anymore. It’s long gone behind me, and I’m only moving forward.

x0x0x0 ~*Snarky P

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  • http://www.glostix.net/ Bekka

    Yep, word travels fast.

    While I am somewhat amazed that this is the conclusion that was drawn from that statement, I understand how it could’ve been made. I did not say that you were blocked (because) you tried to backdoor my site. I said that you, and other individuals had been blocked, and (as in, in addition to) other IPs that had been trying to backdoor my site.

    I will gladly clarify the statement, just in case other people have gotten the wrong impression.

    Yes, you apologized on that other post. I accepted that apology, and amended the post as I said I would. That is all I owed you at the time.

    • Laurabush123

      i would like to know why snarky p is blocked from your pitiful blog?

  • http://www.glostix.net/ Bekka

    And even that statement can be read as an accusation. I really don’t want to draw a diagram about how you and spambots are not the same thing, even if included in the same sentence.

  • Denise Harajuku Girl FL

    Well said!!! Behind you all the way. BULLIES SUCK! The worst bullies are grownup bullies since they should know better.

    • AT

      Being as the post was not about her, and she flies off the handle as if someone did something to her and starts publically ranting at people, is this not a form of bullying?

      • Dr. Hooves

        so…basically, you’re replying to everyone who is posting on this blog (which is not about you) and arguing how snarky is in the wrong by discussing a screenshot that her name is in fact listed? pic related.

  • KissMySparkle

    That’s exactly how I read the post — that you, Wendi, Phyrra, et. al. had been trying to hack her blog. I hope she does clarify that statement.

    • http://www.glostix.net/ Bekka

      I already have. I did within minutes of replying to this post.

      • http://snarky-princess.com Snarky Princess

        Thank you Bekka for both the apology to me and for clarifying your statement. I do appreciate it.

        If I can ask why I was banned from your blog in the first place, it would be nice to know. Of course, you don’t have to disclose to me the reason if you don’t want to, or you can PM me if you’re more comfortable doing so. As far as I recall, I have not left any rude or offensive comments directed at you or your readers- so I do find this a rather curious action.

        • AT

          Could be things like this, you know, taking something unrelated to you, and then becoming a total crazy and acting like it’s all about you. Even your entire post seems so fucking vain it made me want to vomit.
          “Have I been the one pointing fingers, screaming foul, asking and begging for help? Have I been whining, crying, making up stories to keep my name out there? Have I openly slandered bloggers, companies, or owners lately I don’t purchase from anymore because of bullying behavior I’ve encountered and suffered through?”

          Yes, this blog right here is making up stories to keep your name out there. Nobody accused you of hacking the admin panel, yet you took a sentence that DID NOT SAY THAT, to make an entire post about the “bullies” out to get “you”

    • AT

      Then you can’t read, pls to be going back to ze college.

      • AT

        Also, when using et al. to describe a group of people, you NEVER put a period behind et, just saying.

        • thecandiedmango

          Because correcting grammar and tell someone to go back to ‘ze college’ is indicative of a well-educated and thoughtful person.

          • thecandiedmango

            I beg your pardon, that should be “telling” someone to go back, etc.

          • AT

            You’re right, intelligent people are never snarky! I must remind myself that because I am well-educated and thoughtful, I can never be snarky on the internet because someone can’t read. I must hold my thoughts to myself and never, ever point out someones inappropriate grammar in a manner that you, thecandiedmango, feel unfit for someone of my intelligence. Because I love you.

          • Dr. Hooves


        • KissMySparkle

          OMG! THE LULZ!!! THEY HURT!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Thanks for that.

  • http://www.glostix.net/ Bekka

    Ah, one more creepy-blog-stalker comment, as I realized I hadn’t done so already… I apologize that the statement on my blog has caused you hurt, and possibly led others to the conclusion that you have been blocked due to backdooring my site. I have already ammended the post, and tweeted, to say this is not the case. Hopefully any potential damage done has been swiftly squashed and reversed. I also thank you for bringing the issue to my attention, through our shared followers.

  • AT

    You realize the screenshot you used to spur this whole thing does not say what you are saying correct? You say she accused you, however this is what the screenshot says that specific IP addresses have been banned, as well as any IP address that tried to hack her admin panel. So unless you’re trying to say that you hacked her panel in addition to being a bitch, she didn’t accuse you of anything. Your post, it is moot.

    • Dr. Hooves

      as far as I can tell…the screen shot claims that the people listed were banned for trying to log in as admin. so…it does say what she thinks it says.

  • AT

    So, your post title is “it’s not nice to lie” and then you lie and say you were accused of anything at all. Bullying tactic?

  • Dr. Hooves

    you know. I only look at this blog because I think that snarky is kinda hot and every now and then she makes a humorous comment. Today though, all I can really see is AT kind of being a douche. feel free to ask me to point out exactly where you’re being douchetastic and I’ll be happy to educate you.

  • BeautyByMarge

    I really love your rainbow makeup look in the header! I like youre style of blogging! From now on I follow you with bloglovin’, would you like to follow me back?