In My Mailbox – Sugarpill Goodies!


I got a  surprise with these gifts the other day- after much bugging and badgering and pointing out money had already been spent on other game stuff and I hadn’t gotten anything- and boy was I excited to rip into ‘em! For one, this nearly completes my entire obsession to collect all Sugarpill’s yummy goodness. I may or may not have a slight obsession love for this brand, and when I expressed that I wanted these irresistible lurrrvlies… They were procured! Finally. I’m well on my way toward World Domination. Well, more accurately at least, Sugarpill Domination… This addition to my collection leaves me with only Bulletproof and a Kitty Logo sticker to get my paws on and I’ll have all the goodies!

Now that I have them, I’ve been hit with inspiration to get back to all my makeups in my collection and to come up with some looks before bebe arrives- since I’m certain I won’t be getting a lot of sleep when our little bundle of geekiness-and-joy arrives. My sisters have started a pool of how long it’s going to take me to introduce bebe to makeup. I say maybe 12, more likely 13. It’ll be on a very limited basis, because I like to hoard and be selfish when it comes to my colors.

I’ve been absolutely dying to get my paws on the new-ish Heart Breaker palette since it came out- I think the reason I loved it is that the colors are similar but a lot softer than the Sweetheart Palette. Therefore, I rationalized needing them both. It’s totally justified!!

Pleasantly, I opened my package and was thrilled to see a new color scheme for the design of the Sugarpill logo sticker (which is included with each order- who doesn’t love stickers!?) which I think will soon make its way onto Truckasaurus Rex because it’s glittery and pink. Also, in case you haven’t checked it out, they also offer up the adorable “Kitty” logo sticker- I’m going to need me one of those soon. remember, i must collect everything!!
In addition to the new sticker design, I absolutely fell in love with the new metallic printing of the design on the palette compacts. Perhaps it’s not so “new” to everyone else, but to me… It’s brand-spanky new.

Sweetheart Palette

Dollipop :: An intense, bright pink – perfection
Afterparty :: Got the blues? Not until you have this electric color…
Midori :: An intense, mid-toned green reminiscent of the common drink mix
Tako :: The perfect matte white… seriously

Heart Breaker Palette

Acidberry :: Green with a hint of electricity, not for the faint of heart when worn full-power
Velocity :: Blue with a hint of navy, blends like a dream
2am :: Bright raspberry with an undercurrent of plum undertones
Mochi :: A delicious dessert… Er, a fabulous pale green with a hint of mint in there

: Single pictures for your viewing pleasure :

I haven’t used all the colors from both palettes yet, but give me a couple days and I’ll see what I can do. First impressions are fantastic, as I’ve come to expect from this company… Especially since these matte colors move like a dream and don’t end up patchy or muddy when really blended out. Smoky eyes are easy to achieve, but so are bold bright eyes. Stay tuned… I have a greens with a pop of pink look coming up soon to show you what I mean!

Do you have any Sugarpill products? If so, what and how do you like it/them??

x0x0x0 ~*Snarky P

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  • Annelise Walsh

    Man, I’m dying for the Heart Breaker palette! I love the combo of colors.

    • Snarky Princess

      The colors are definitely the reason I wanted it in the first place- I love that they can be worn either bright or muted and still look just as good!

  • Olgie

    You’re going to love these! Can’t wait to see you use these pretties.

    • Snarky Princess

      Oh my gosh… I DO love these… Almost as much as Pirate! lol

  • Ryou

    I’ve been eyeing the Heartbreaker palette, but my existing Sugarpill palette haven’t gotten that much love from me so far. >: I love them, but I guess I just prefer shimmer over brights, after all. >.<

    • Snarky Princess

      You can’t really go wrong with shimmer or sparkly shadows… Maybe throw a shimmery sheer shadow over your SP goodies, and that way you can wear them AND be glitzy?!?!